50 Trendy Women’s mullet with curly hair for 2023

The Curly Mullet Hair styles for Women first appeared in the

1970s, and the style gained popularity in 2023 thanks to Rihanna,

Rowan Blanchard, Gigi Hadid, and Kesha.

The cutting edge of the curly hair mullet has changed since it was first created. We were all enthralled to witness a contemporary

curly hair mullet that creates a strong fashion statement. Thus, we’ve provided the coolest, finest, and curliest mullet for ladies in 2023.

But a lot of females are curious about important mullet facts. In

order for everyone to understand and appreciate the blog, let’s first

address those questions.

1. Women’s Textured Soft Curly Mullet Hairstyles

This soft textured mullet hairstyle is ideal if you want a mullet that is more feminine, adorable, and charming. You will look adorable with the loose, wavy curls.

2. Women’s Afro Curly Mullet Hairstyles

The top of an afro hair mullet will be longer and puffier, while the front and rear will progressively taper off. This makes it possible for afro ladies to have lovely unconstrained hairdos.

3. Women’s Perm Curly Mullet Hairstyles

Add texture like surfer waves to your curly mullet to take it to the next level. It also works well for straight hair since perms keep curls in place.

4. Firefly Shade and Curly Mullet

We all enjoyed the view as the lush garden was illuminated by fireflies. It has the same bright impact as this hairdo. The large, voluminous curls on the back of the head enhance its beauty.

5. Extremely Curly Hidden Mullet

This hairstyle is ideal if you enjoy having thick ringlet curls. When worn to formal meetings or events, it goes well with clothing.

6. Purple Mullet Haircut

You will appear fashionable and edgy with this mullet cut. Your style will stand out if you add purple colour to the mullet hair.

7. Bowl-Cut Curly Wig with Highlights

A wonderful way to make your curly mullet stand out is to add highlights. Make the remainder of your hair ginger red with black accents, with blonde bangs.

8. The Curly Shaglet Mullet

A mullet with a scruffy flair is very trendy. It looks nice with the thick hair at the neck and the uneven hair on the forehead.

9. Women’s Pink Hair Curly Mullet Hairstyles

This delicate pink-colored mullet is fantastic if someone wishes to stand out from the crowd attractively. The appearance is more feminine and stylish with messy hair.

10. Curls in a Messy Style

By side-sweeping the mullet, you can blend long and short hair together for a sloppy look. The interesting element is that it will appear sleek and manageable.

11. Shag for Ladies

The big curly hairdo will seem daring and high fashion with tapered sides. However, since there will be greater hair volume at the top, a face will seem thinner.

12. Side Mullet Shave & Curls

Bewitching is a faded shaved side to the nape with fluffy, wavy hair. It seems more modern because to the modest white accents.

13. Women’s Long & Disconnected Hairstyle

This haircut should be chosen if one desires a look that intrigues others. The medium-length curly mullet style of the clan gives the impression that they are wearing two different haircuts at once.

14. A curly haircut with almond highlights that is short

Can you see brown hair with blonde highlights sporting a mullet? Yes, it does seem lovely. A fascinating and alluring concept is the

ringlet curly afro hair with almond highlights on the front, sides, and rear of the head.

15. Skunk Stripe Hairstyle & Fresh Shave

This mullet haircut is especially distinctive because to the shaved

side and lengthy, curled sideburns. Additionally, it has platinum blonde and black hair, which gives the image of a skunk strip.

16. Sunflower Blonde Highlights in a Curly Mullet

At the temples, sunflower blonde highlights make the skin tone seem more radiant. Large ringlet curls that have tapering sides

hidden behind the curls appear really lovely.

17. Women’s Short Top Mullet Hairstyle

With a few strands crossing the forehead, even short hairstyles for

women with curly hair at the top and rear of the head appear stunning.

18. Women’s Messy Top Mullet Hairstyle

This messy top curly mullet hairstyle is a good choice for someone

who wants a go-to hairstyle that requires little regular hair maintenance.

19. Wolf cut style curly mullet

A few weeks ago, everyone had the wolf-cut hairstyle. People are sharing videos of themselves doing wolf cuts in a crazy way. If you share our love for it, consider a curly mullet with a wolf cut for a regal appearance. An ideal hairstyle for this kind of hair.

20. Curls & Undercut Style

This woman’s mullet style has hefty ends and a fluffy top, but it is thin with a broad undercut region at the sides that looks stylish.

21. The hairstyle is a curly baby mullet.

Baby bangs make a mullet with tapered sides that blend in with the hair and heavy sideburns look chic and contemporary.

22. Mullet Curls & Fringes

Uneven fringe, thin sides hair, and a heavy mullet are good ways to give any woman a fashionable appearance with a softer vibe.

23. A short curly mullet with blonde highlights

The rear of the head has a mohawk-like hairdo. It seems bold and loud since the sides are faded and the top of the head is short. The portion of the mullet style that is blonde draws the eye.

24. Women’s Fiery Orange Colored Hairstyle

The bright orange and yellow hue on one side of the hair highlights the person as a lady who can stand up for herself. The hair on the black side has a great flaming impression.

25. Women’s Blonde Curly Mullets

You may have often seen curly mullets in brown, but a fascinating truth is that it appears more sexier in white blonde. Without using any hair styling techniques, the top of the head seems fuller because of the black base colour.

26. Pink and purple tones in a mullet hairstyle

With frizzy, unkempt hair, pink and purple tones exude romance. Pink hair will look stunning against the black undercut hair.

27. An orange-colored curly mullet lit up by a light

You never imagined that lights could be that striking. Without an undercut, the bangs and side hair of the head appear lovely with the yellowish-orange underlights.

28. Skeleton Curly Mullet

This spikey, shaved hairdo with braided sideburns is amazing if you like daring, daring fashion. There appears to be a ponytail in the back hair.

29. Curly mullet spicy hairstyle 

Color strips in pink, orange, yellow, and bronde make hair seem dazzling. It is spicy because to its flaming orange tapering sides.

30. Curly Mullets for Ladies with Thick Hair

Even with messy layers, a curly mullet with thick hair on the entire head looks lovely. It goes with any outfit and any event.

31. Women’s Green Tone Curly Hairstyle

The chic mullet is a clove green colour with greenish-blonde around the temples. The coolest skin tones go best with this hair colour.

32. Brown & Blonde Toned Curly Mullet

Together, the curly blonde and brown hair looks amazing. But the distinct dye pattern on the top half of the head gives it the appearance of a historical hat.

33. A Ginger Haired Natural Curly Mullet

This curly ginger hair will look the finest on a redhead. On short hair, it is undercut-free. Therefore, you can create various hairstyles using it that are appropriate for business meetings.

34. Soft and edgy curly mullet

Choose this mullet style if you want soft wavy hair that yet looks cool on you. You can make a statement with the jagged edges and slightly tapered sides.

35. The traditional curly mullet

The traditional curly mullet looks elegant and attractive, with sides that softly taper and curls that span the entire neck and reach your eyebrows.

36. Long, layered hairstyle

This mullet style is adorable and appropriate for older women as well. The long hair on both shoulders and the layered cut provide an easygoing, stylish, yet carefree appearance.

37. Split-dyed curly mullet

The facial form is enhanced by a curly mullet with a high cranial top. It looks more stylish because of the split dye pattern.

38. Green Toned Pixie Curls

Another gorgeous way to style curly hair is with a pixie cut or mullet. With a dark undertone, the glazing green and dark green hair colour stands out.

39. Feminine Soft Curls

It looks wonderful with the blonde mullet and feminine curls. The thick, curling sideburns narrow the face.

40. Curly Beauty Mullet

Your go-to look might be bedhead curls with dark hair in the back for every situation. Keep the curls somewhat defined.

40. Spiky Curly Shullet With Bangs

The current version of the cullet is the mullet, which is very in right now. Fantastic additions include flaming colour streaks on top and totally coloured hair to shoulder length.

42. Women with Long Golden Modern Mullets  

The distinct curl mullet in golden brown is stunning and classy. When these curls land on the shoulder and forehead, the skin tone is immediately brightened.

43. A curly mullet swag hairstyle

An fantastic hairstyle for ladies is a curly mullet with thick sides in the shag fashion. The front and top are thicker, giving off a younger appearance.

44. Curly Mullet with Asymetrical Dreams

The symmetry of the face is enhanced by an asymmetrical curly mullet. The blonde money pieces and pink and brown hair look fantastic.

45. Mullet in a V shape with curls

On afro hair, the V shape of the mullet will remain pronounced. Even more sassy are the tapering sides.

46. Funky Curly Mullet

If you like bold fashion, give this haircut a try. This narrow side with a high taper seems to have bold hair at the front and sides.

47. Razor-cut mullet hairstyles with curls

It’s great to have a distinctive hairdo and colour scheme. You stand out brilliantly because to your blonde and grayish-blue colouring.

48. Peach-curl mullet hairstyles

A woman’s fun-loving nature is highlighted by her peachy-pink curly mullet, which also improves her complexion.

49. Silver Curls That Are Mixed

Women over 60 can gracefully wear any hairstyle. A classic mullet cut on hair that is more grey in the front looks stylish.

50. Sweet Pixie Curls & Mullet

Gorgeous is a pixie mullet with thick hair at the front of the ears and large curls. It is glamorous due to the arrangement of defined yet unruly curls.